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A Little R&R

(and by R&R, I mean waiting for the Ellen Show at 3 o'clock and snacking on a lot of shortbread and ginger ale.)


Yer local Ginger...
Packing and Repacking...How do you pack for a year? I'd almost rather take nothing save the clothes on my back and the book in my bag. and some money.
Boz is ever attentive and comforting

Dad and Mom's fantastic garden and first Basil-->PESTO!
Plus, some Purple Haze Carrotz and Yeller Tomatoes

The secret to Mom's endless youth:
Her kindergarten class. And, perhaps the fact that she just ate her first Krispy Kreme's--ever--has something to do it:

I got to sample the wonderful 6-year-old energy

Back to packing. and unpacking. and repacking. SIGH.

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Breadcrumb Trail

who what when where why & how

Hi family! Hi friends!

I'm headed out for South Korea next Monday! I had the itch to travel and make some dramatic changes, so I've moved from Portland and for the next year, I'll be teaching English in a suburb of Seoul. I've started a blog if you are interested in keeping apprised of the trip and viewing photo albums. I hope we'll stay in contact--I plan on learning to use Skype and you can always reach me by email. I want to hear what y'all are up to, too!

Here's the company I work for and some information about the suburb where I'll live.


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A Forked Road!

from Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology

PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Your quest has come to a fork, Pisces. Down
one path lies a tumultuous obsession -- a compulsive, tormented hunt like
Captain Ahab's pursuit of Moby Dick. In the other direction, a graceful
chase beckons, more in the manner of Sir Galahad's pure-hearted search
for the Holy Grail. Choose one fork and your quarry will be beastly,
impossible, and frustrating. If you choose the other fork, your quarry will
be magical, earthy, and transformative.

Week beginning September 17
Copyright 2009 by Rob Brezsny

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Fresh Noise

"Seen enough. Visions confronted in every weather.
Had enough. Urban tumult, by night and day, forever.
Known enough. Life's still-points.---O tumult and Visions!
Departure for fresh affection and noise!"
Departure (A. Rimbaud)

I'm sure I haven't seen and done it all in Portland. In fact, I've had a memorable year and a half meeting new folks and seeing a lot of my family. But an opportunity for travel is definitely more compelling than my current situation. The cleansing commotion of packing up and moving, the melancholy of saying goodbye and the rapid information gathering about the destination--stark indicators of change and transition.

Four months of applying for positions and speculating about life in Korea have come down to one last, rather leisurely, week of finishing up at the hotel, selling items that won't be useful to me in the next year, planning out a few months for bills, and saying goodbye to family and friends. I feel some trepedation at such a dramatic move but I'm more eager to find a favorite restaurant in my new neighborhood, meet my neighbors and fellow teachers, go hiking at Bukhansan National Park, meet my little students. I expect that Seoul will provide plenty of noise for me to sort through and to color another folio in my little travelogue.

Things I'll miss about Portland, OR:

  • gray days and earthy-smelling rain
  • my sweet little house, the cats and the cookie factory down the road
  • the farms and beaches of Sauvie Island
  • dance parties at the local bar
  • biking the Esplanade at night
  • reading under a tree in Woodlawn Park
  • buying my favorite foods at yuppie grocery stores
  • oggling at the Alberta St. Fair
  • beer and dinner dates
  • reading a weekly on the max ride downtown


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